Square @ 42: The Gym

This spring, I will turn 42. At 41 is when the first real, "Huh, I am getting older" feelings started to set in. I don't recover from exercise as quickly, sore muscles are sore for several days instead of one, my hair is even more silver (although I have all of it) and yes, I have had to join a gym. I never actually thought I would have to join a gym. I did once, years ago because I had gained a lot of weight due to a previous relationships propensity to bake and my inability to say no to those beautiful, soft, moist, chocolate brownies. I lost all that weight (40 lbs of it).

I never thought I would be the guy at the gym desperately trying to stay in shape and keep pounds off. It is a surreal experience. You walk in and see all these guys, a lot of them in perfectly acceptable shape, some of them you wonder if they do anything but workout and some of them you are thinking need a lot more help than a gym. Then you look at yourself, you reflect, gauge your intentions and all of a sudden you are one of these guys. You are every one of them in your own way.

You are the moob guy, or the bad knee guy, or the losing your hair guy, or the fat sweaty guy. You are the guy that can't stop leering at the women, or the one that is sitting with his hands on his knees, panting because you pushed yourself to hard. You might also be the guy that pretends he knows what he is doing even though it is obvious he doesn't. You could be any or all of these guys. Maybe you are none of them but there is something there, something that brought you to the gym and I guarantee you that you are not alone in whatever it is.

I am the guy that other people wonder if I am ever going to get off the treadmill. That is the hiking and backpacking in me. An hour on the treadmill at 4MPH is a stroll. I often turn the treadmill into a hike by changing the elevation degree, sometimes pushing up to 6MPH so I am at a slow jog, sometimes pushing down to 2.5MPH so I have to slow down (which is ridiculously frustrating). In all, I am the guy, just like the rest of you that has to lose some weight.

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