elementary OS: What I should have said

What I should have said is, "I have recently discovered that elementary OS is a for profit company building an Open Source product. This came as a surprise to me because my impression of the website is that it is just an open source project. It would be great if the maintainers of the website would be more explicit about the for profit nature of the product. I think it would help the community a lot."

I apologize to the elementary OS community for having what should be a productive environment be blown up from a blog post. I also want to thank all the people that privately encouraged and thanked me for the information I provided. It affirms my belief that although elementary OS has great goals, that not all the people in the community were comfortable with the way the information about the community is being presented.

I also apologize to those who were upset by the post. I don't expect you agree with me, and that is o.k.. One of the most important parts of the FOSS community is that we don't always agree. Those disagreements bring about accountability and growth.

The original post will stay removed because it did not cause a productive conversation.
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